50 Days

I never really travelled much growing up. There were vacations to Florida and Vermont and even California. But I have only been to two countries outside of the U.S. – a week-long trip to Canada in the summer of 2002 and a nine-day trip to France in February 2009.

Spending four months in Australia is going to be a tough transition. It helps that they speak the same language (sort of) and offer similar classes to BC (sort of). But for most of my life, I have been insulated from different cultures – Cortlandt Manor and BC are not exactly known for their diversity. I really have no idea what to expect.

50 days from now I will board a flight that will take me from the cold, barren winter of the Northeast to a much warmer climate down under. Sydney’s average temperature in February is about 26 Celsius (78 Farenheit). To say that I’m looking forward to this weather is an understatement.

I’ve got a few things planned for the next 50 days. I will be taking a trip up to Boston for New Years and will also be spending a week down in New Orleans in January.

I’m not sure how much I’ll update this blog, but I’m planning to mix in a bunch of things here – thoughts on movies, music, sports, and eventually, my experiences abroad.


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