If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you probably know that I like to post a ‘bELIeve’ status before Giants games. The first time I posted this was during the 2009 NFC Wild Card round, when the Giants played (and eventually lost to) the Eagles.

Well, today I was curious to see how the Giants played when I posted a ‘bELIeve’ status. Do I actually think it has any effect on the games? Of course not. But this is how my mind thinks about things, and I had a few hours to kill.

So, I went through my archives on Twitter and Facebook and discovered that of the 51 games the Giants have played since the 2009 playoff game against the Eagles, I have posted a ‘bELIeve’ status 25 times, or roughly 50% of the time.

Here is what I found:

With a bELIeve status or tweet:

Giants’ record: 16-9
Eli Manning stats: 515-823, 6925 yards, 52 touchdowns, 31 interceptions, 94.7 QB rating

Without a bELIeve status or tweet:

Giants’ record: 13-13
Eli Manning stats: 559-908, 6807 yards, 41 touchdowns, 27 interceptions, 87.2 QB rating

And there it is: conclusive evidence that Eli and the Giants play better when I post a ‘bELIeve’ status.


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