This might not come as a shock to regular readers of the blog, but I hate cheese. Other than pizza, I never eat it.

It’s tough out there in the real world. When I order nachos or sandwiches or burritos, I always have to add “no cheese, please,” which is then followed by a look of bewilderment from the server. No, I don’t have an allergy – I just don’t like cheese.

The worst is when I order a steak sub on campus. They don’t care what I say – they’ll slather on three slices of cheese whether I like it or not. I’ve probably gotten close to 100 steak subs during my time at BC, and roughly half the time it comes with cheese.

All of this leads me to a post I came across today. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to learn that someone else out there also hates cheese. Everyone I know or have ever met enjoys cheese. Half of my family is Italian, for God’s sake.

Life will be a little easier knowing that at least one other person feels the same way I do.


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