The last few days

I feel like I’m on vacation down here, which I’m sure will change next week when classes start. We’ve gone to the beach just about every day, and when we’re not at the beach we’re exploring the city.

Over the weekend we took a bus and a ferry to Manly Beach, about an hour away from Coogee. This beach is known for having large waves, so it is a popular surfing location. We ate dinner, checked out the shops, and drank coconuts.

Yesterday we walked around the university and saw a free screening of 21 Jump Street, which hits theaters in March. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were both there, and they talked and answered some questions before the show.

Today we finally got internet for our house. I wouldn’t say that I take the internet for granted, but I definitely missed it a lot. It isn’t easy being out of the loop on things, especially since pitchers and catchers just reported to Spring Training. Facebook notifications and emails can really pile up after a few days. My Google Reader was full to the brim with updates.

Overall, it’s been amazing down here. We have four girls and four guys in our house, and the girls cooked us dinner on Sunday. We have a big dining room table so it felt like a family dinner. I think I could get used to this.


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