The first day of classes

This was, by a wide margin, my longest non-summer vacation ever. 72 days after my last Final Exam, I finally returned to school today.

The walk to UNSW from my house is three kilometres, which Google Maps suggests should take 38 minutes walking. It took me 23 minutes this morning, so I guess I’m a fast walker. I also had a full cup of coffee for the first time in 2 weeks, so that probably helped. There is a bus that goes to the school, but the walk isn’t that bad – especially when it’s 75 and sunny.

I was thirty minutes early to my first and only class today – International Business Finance. I felt like a freshman walking around the campus and seeing so many unfamiliar faces and buildings. But even when I was a freshman,  I don’t think I was ever that early to a class.

The campus really is beautiful. There are lots of grassy spaces and palm trees. It’s also huge…but it’s very organized and you can easily find your way around. The structure is very much like BC – lots of stairs and hills, though the buildings here are much more modern.

I was excited to experience an Australian class for the first time, but then my professor introduced himself…he’s from Utah. I think I was the only one in the class who didn’t think he had an accent.

Day two tomorrow.


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