The weather

I’ve always been fascinated by weather. I’m not talking about the rain or sun or snow – no, I’m fascinated by how much of a talking point it is. “How’s the weather?” is about as common a question as any. The weather is perhaps the least controllable part of life, but it is always a topic of conversation among family, friends, and strangers.

What really fascinates me is how people attach ‘good’ weather to the sun, but ‘bad’ weather to the rain. Yes, I suppose rain puts a slight inconvenience on going outside or driving. But, quite literally, life could not go on without rain. Humans can not survive without water.

This is why I will never complain about the weather.

But that said, the weather here has been pretty poor lately – lots of rain and very little sunshine. We were spoiled for the first two weeks with perfect, 75 degree days, but the locals say that was an aberration. This summer has been one of the wettest in the history of Sydney.

This brings to mind another question – is there a better smell than fresh rain on pavement? I remember having a conversation at school a few months ago about the top smells. If I remember correctly, we agreed that rain on pavement, baked cookies, and freshly cut grass were the top three.


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