My bracket

March Madness is probably my favorite time of the sports year – exciting games, big upsets, and great finishes. It was excruciatingly difficult not watching the first sixteen games on Thursday, but I was following along on to see how my teams were doing.

In short, it was not a good first day for my bracket. Only 11 out of 16 picks were right. On the bright side – my final four is the same as President Obama’s.

I wish I could give a detailed explanation of my picks, but truthfully, I went on gut rather than any stats or predictions out there. I did not watch many games this year. For the most part, I made pretty conservative picks – though I do have Michigan State losing in the round of 32 and Ohio beating Michigan in the first round.

Lots of games are still left, so hopefully my bracket can rebound in the coming weeks.


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