Hi there Mr. Spider

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen tons of spiders – big one’s, small one’s, and everything in between. They roam the trees and plants, making impressive webs and catching lots of flies.

Well, today I saw the biggest spider I’ve seen here. And it was in our house. Take a deep breath:

We had four options:

1) Leave it there
2) Kill it
3) Catch it and move it outside
4) Call our landlord

We couldn’t do 1, because we wouldn’t sleep for the next three months.

We couldn’t do 2, because it was too big.

So we either had to catch it or call our landlord. We decided we had to take care of this thing ourselves.

Nick and Alex, two of our roommates, stepped up and caught it. First they covered the spider with tupperware, and then slid paper on top:

At first, we thought about keeping it as a pet. We agreed Carlos would be a good name. Then we thought better of it and let it free across the street:

All in all, it was quite an experience, one filled with just about every emotion – shock, fear, and finally, elation.

I’m just happy we caught it before it crawled into one of our beds.


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