More on the spider

It’s been 24 hours since we first spotted the spider, and in that time we’ve determined that it was a Huntsman spider. We also found another one this morning. Hopefully this does not become a trend, but the good news is that I have yet to kill any bugs in my room, other than the occasional fly.

According to Wikipedia, Huntsman spiders are not aggressive. As long as you don’t provoke it, you probably won’t get bitten:

Like practically all spiders apart from the Uloboridae, Sparassidae use venom to immobilise prey and to assist in digestion. They have been known to inflict defensive bites, but are not widely regarded as dangerous to healthy humans. Huntsman spiders are widely considered beneficial because they feed on insect pests such as cockroaches.

Today in class, someone was talking about the time he was bit by a Huntsman (he rolled over on it while sleeping). “They’re not venomous enough to kill you,” he said. “But I still had to go to the hospital.”

Truthfully, I’m not freaked out. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to spend four months here. One of the things I’ve learned is to take everything in stride. A giant, venomous spider would scare the bejeesus out of me at home, but here I’m much more relaxed and comfortable with the crazy wildlife. I think that, if necessary, I could have caught it myself (though I’m thankful two of my roommates volunteered instead).

In the end, we all had a good laugh about it. It made for a good story. Plus it was fun to see everyone’s reaction on Facebook. There are currently 28 comments under the picture I posted – here are some of my favorites:

You lived a good life.

that has got to be one of the scariest things I have ever seen

i feel like it’s on me. is it on me?


literally nothing scarier than that.

Fun, exciting times.


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