Indiana, Kentucky, and the best game I’ve ever seen

I set aside a few hours on Saturday to watch the Indiana/Kentucky sweet 16 game. It was the first game I’ve watched in this year’s tournament, and I was expecting a close, hard-fought game.

And for the most part, it was. Indiana took the lead late in the first half, and it looked like they might actually take down mighty Kentucky (after all, Indiana beat them a few months ago in what was probably the best game of the year).

But you probably know how this ends – Kentucky pulled ahead in the second half and won by twelve. There were no upsets this weekend, though Ohio did take UNC to overtime.

This weekend marks the two year anniversary of what is probably the greatest college basketball game I’ve ever seen. It featured Kansas State and Xavier, two schools vying for a spot in the Elite 8. I was a freshman sitting in an overcrowded room at the time, and I can still remember how exciting, thrilling, dramatic, and heart-pounding the game was. The highlights are below, and they still give me chills (the best part comes at 1:30):


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