Melbourne this weekend

This weekend I am finally doing some traveling, as I will be spending three days in Melbourne.

Melbourne is in the southeast part of Australia in the state of Victoria. From what I’ve heard, it is very different than Sydney. It is more of a cultural city and has many art galleries, small cafes, and “chic” fashion. The plane ride is only about 80 minutes. Here’s a map:

We’re staying at “Hotel Discovery,” a pretty cheap hostel in the center of the city that has good reviews. Here’s what we’re planning to do each day:

Friday: Fly into Melbourne, walk around the city, grab dinner, sleep

Saturday: Wake up early for our 14-hour Great Ocean Road tour. They say the Great Ocean Road is the most beautiful part of Australia, and I’m really looking forward to checking out this scenic stretch of the country.

Sunday: Free Day. We’re planning to walk around the city, take pictures, grab lunch, find a park, and just take it all in.

Monday: Our flight back is at 7 AM, which means we’ll land around 8:30. This gives me three and a half hours to get to my 12 o’clock class, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as there are no delays.

It should be an exciting weekend. My friends in Europe have done tons of traveling, and I’m happy that I am finally getting a chance to do some myself.


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