Some thoughts on the Yankees

Well, it’s baseball season, which means you can expect a smattering of baseball posts in addition to my adventures abroad.

I wasn’t able to catch the Yankees/Sox game this afternoon (since it started at 5 AM here), but I saw the highlights this morning. Some quick thoughts:

– Five homers for the Yankees, after they hit four yesterday. Looks like the offense is starting to hit their stride.

– Another quality start for Ivan Nova. He hasn’t lost in nineteen games – over that time he is 15-0 with a 3.33 ERA. Granted, he’s benefited from some impressive run support, but wow, those numbers don’t lie.

– Mariano Rivera continues to amaze me. Like a fine wine, he has only gotten better with age. Even though he’s 42, it looks like he’ll have another typical Mariano season.

– David Robertson has become the best relief pitcher in baseball. He has yet to allow a run this season, and his stats since the start of 2011 are ridiculous. 78 games, 111 strikeouts, and a 0.96 ERA.

One more thing – the Yankees and Red Sox played in retro 1912-style uniforms in honor of Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary. How awesome does Mariano Rivera look in this picture?


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