I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert for the first time on Saturday. It was a rollicking, loud, and energetic 198-minute show in Foxborough, Mass, one that featured a bit of everything – old songs, new songs, covers, sign requests, and a ridiculous seven-song encore.

Here’s the thing about Bruce: when you think about classic rock, he is not one of the first names that come to mind. But is there a better live performer in the history of rock and roll? Bruce and the E Street Band continue to put on great shows into their sixties. You can see the wrinkles and the gray hair – but there is still a youthful energy that comes through.

It’s an honest and raw display of emotion. You can tell that Bruce loves the music he performs, and he feeds off the crowd.

At one point Bruce asked the crowd how many people were seeing the band for the first time. There were thousands of screams and clapping and raised hands. “Good. We need some youth out here because we plan to be out here another thirty-forty years.”  This ignited the largest applause of the night.

The band’s performance of Jungleland was the one that stood out. It was the first time the band had played the song in the U.S. since Clarence Clemons’ death (it had been performed once on the European leg of the tour). Right before the introduction, Bruce whispered something in Jake Clemons’ ear – Jake took over for his father after his death. The song features an intense, emotional saxophone solo – and Jake nailed it.

Roger Waters and Bruce Springsteen – I’d say that’s a quality summer of concerts. The playlist is after the jump.

1. My Love Will Not Let You Down
2. Night
3. Out In The Street
4. Hungry Heart
5. We Take Care Of Our Own
6. Wrecking Ball
7. Death To My Hometown
8. My City Of Ruins
9. Spirit In The Night
10. Open All Night
11. Growin’ Up
12. Lost In The Flood
13. Because The Night
14. She’s The One
15. Working On The Highway
16. Shackled And Drawn
17. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day
18. Racing In The Street
19. The Rising
20. Radio Nowhere
21. Badlands


22. Jungleland
23. Born To Run
24. Bobby Jean
25. Dancing In The Dark
26. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
27. Drift Away
28. Twist And Shout


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