An iPhone review

I feel like I can’t say anything bad about my new iPhone because of this Louis CK skit from a few years ago:

The fact is that the iPhone is pretty amazing. For one, it is extremely intuitive. I’ve used the Android platform since 2010, but I found no problems switching over to Apple.

I’m amazed by how much information is accessible at any time on this little device. If I were interested in literally anything ever* I could find it out in a matter of seconds.

*Say, Babe Ruth’s batting average in 1927. It was .356. It took me 15 seconds to find this.

But it’s even more than the iPhone’s fast access to the internet. Take yesterday, for example. I woke up to the alarm on my iPhone. I then checked my class times and locations – this took me about 20 seconds to find. I went on a run and tracked my time and distance. I bought a used textbook for 1 dollar. I set my fantasy football roster. I downloaded a bunch of useful (and free) apps like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Gmail and Chrome and ScoreCenter and Dropbox. Over the weekend I took some photos and they all came out looking like they were taken on a real camera.

I’m trying to find the right words to describe all of this – but the one that I think works best is that the iPhone is just cool. And, this is coming from a person who grew up with the internet and with television and with all this amazing technology already out there. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people in their fifties and sixties who are using an iPhone or an iPad for the first time.

Imagine bringing an iPhone back to 1970. What would people say? Would they embrace it? Would they dismiss it? Would they even know what to do with it? (personally, I think people would be amazed by it – kinda like how everyone felt after watching the hoverboard scene in Back to the Future … by the way, 2015 is just three years away and we still don’t have those).

Apple has done more than just create amazing pieces of technology – they have radically altered the way we consume information and live our daily lives. I’m sure there are some who would argue that this is for the worse. They would say that the iPhone and similar products have created a generation of people who favor technology over real interpersonal relationships. But I have found that the opposite is true – the iPhone allows me to get things done more efficiently, it keeps all of my stuff in one place, and above all, it allows me to keep in touch with my friends and family better than before.


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