Some thoughts from my recent trip to Atlanta to broadcast the BC-Georgia Tech game:

It is amazing how quickly BC football has fallen in such a short period of time, especially on defense. Three years ago we had one of the top running defenses in all of college football. This year we are at the bottom. And, facing a Georgia Tech team that averaged 331 yards on the ground per game, it was no surprise that we lost by 20.

Nonetheless, it was an awesome experience to fly with the team on a charter flight, explore a city with a very different culture than I am accustomed to, stay at a luxury hotel, walk on the field prior to the game, take advantage of the food in the press box, and broadcast the game. We were treated like kings – with police escorts to and from the stadium, a hotel staff that blasted the BC fight song upon our arrival, and an absolutely massive goodie-bag on the plane with more food than I could handle.

All of this was possible because I made the decision to join the student radio program WZBC my freshman year. At the time I was looking to meet some new people and perhaps secure a weekly sports-talk show. Little did I know that this would lead to four years of Crowd Noise, four football broadcasts, a handful of baseball broadcasts, tons of free food and hotel stays and plane flights, and some really memorable experiences.


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