100 Goals

About three years ago I sat down to write a list of 100 goals that I wanted to accomplish in my life. Except I stopped at like, 39. Maybe I’ll write another 61 at one point. We’ll see.

Anyway, I still have the list on my computer and haven’t looked at it in awhile. Some of them are huge and will take time. Visit all 30 major league baseball parks. Write a book. Re-watch LOST.  And some of them are small and inane. Give blood. Go to a World Series game. Re-watch LOST. But guess what? I’ve actually accomplished a few of them in the three years since. Here are the one’s I can check off the list:

17) Buy a nice camera

I bought the Nikon Coolpix S8200 last year, and I haven’t been disappointed at all. I was able to capture some awesome photos while I was abroad, and the photos can easily be imported for editing on my computer.

18) Learn guitar

YouTube is the best.

19) Get an iPhone

For the most part I left material things off the list – but you also have to remember that when I wrote this I still had my old flip phone.

20) Vote in a Presidential election

It was a close call (I registered to vote the day of the deadline), but thankfully I was able to vote in the most recent election as a Massachusetts resident.

21) Go to an awesome concert

See: John Butler, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who

25) Ride in a helicopter

My trip to New Zealand knocked off a few of these, including:

36) Go bungy jumping

Yep. And also:

37) Go wine tasting

Good times.

38) Drive a boat

Columbus Day Weekend 2010. It was only for a minute, but I did it.

And here are the one’s I hope to accomplish this year:

9) Run a marathon

My training is back in full swing, and my runs are starting to creep up into double digits. I still have a long way to get to 26.2, but slowly (very slowly), I’m getting there.

34) Give blood

This is something I have never done, but definitely want to do when I get a chance.


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