Running in the frozen tundra

So my marathon training is in full swing, and this morning I did my longest run yet – 12 miles. The route brought me through Cleveland Circle, down to Coolidge Corner, past Fenway Park, past Kenmore, past the Common, and all the way to the State House. And then back.

I knew the run would be cold. The average temperature in Boston has been about 10 degrees over the last week. When I woke up, it was 11 out, with a negative wind chill.

And yeah, it was cold – by far the coldest weather I have ever run in. At first it was uncomfortable. But after the half-way point, my entire body numbed up and I felt great. I couldn’t feel the pain in my legs anymore, my knees felt good, and I coasted back. Breathing was never a problem.

But now I know how a chicken, or bread, feels when it gets de-frosted. When I returned to my room, it was like I was removed from a freezer to be prepared for cooking. Well, I guess I was, literally. The weather outside was much colder than a freezer.  It was painful for a few minutes. And then it was good.

And then I ate a lot.

(Click here to see the full route)


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