Roadtrip 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 3.22.17 PM

I have been making some preliminary plans for an 18-day, cross-country road trip this summer.

As of now, the trip would start on May 29th and end on June 15th. Along the way, we’d hit 8 ballparks and 4 national parks:

May 29: Philadelphia
May 30: Pittsburgh
May 31: Cleveland
June 1: Chicago
June 2: Minneapolis
June 3: Mt. Rushmore
June 4: Yellowstone
June 5: Yellowstone
June 6: Salt Lake City
June 7: Yosemite
June 8: Yosemite
June 9: Grand Canyon
June 10: Albequerque
June 11: Denver
June 12: Kansas City
June 13: St. Louis
June 14: Cincinnatti
June 15: Home

All in all, it’s about 7,000 miles of driving. These dates are far from finalized, but this seems like the best time to hit as many parks as possible.

I am also planning a secret project to go along with the road trip. More on that later.


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