My 10 favorite TV show openings

It has been awhile since I posted a ridiculous and meaningless list. So, here you go: my 10 favorite TV show openings.

A quick note: I only picked television shows that I watched regularly. Some of the classics (Cheers, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) are not on the list for this reason.

10) Band of Brothers

I spent a few chilly January nights in 2011 watching this classic mini series.


9) Kenan and Kel

And we segue from Band of Brothers to Kenan and Kel – a Snick classic. Was it me or did shows in the 90’s have longer intros? Or maybe it was just shows on Nick. I couldn’t imagine a show these days having minute-long intros.


8) Breaking Bad

It was a quick intro – but what made it great were the cold opens that came before it. Vince Gilligan would regularly end these sequences with a few seconds of silence, and then the intro would hit you right in the face.



LOST had, in my opinion, the best music of any TV show, ever. The intro wasn’t much – some would say it wasn’t anything, really. But I’ve always thought it was cool that Giacchino used spare pieces of a plane fuselage for the score.


6) Fringe

Fringe is, I think, the only primetime TV show where I actually watched the pilot. I’ve always enjoyed the theme, also scored by Giacchino.


5) Rocko’s Modern Life

This was one of those shows that had jokes that completely flew over my head. If you go back and re-watch it, you pick up on some pretty outrageous adult humor. There is no way a show like this could be broadcasted for kids anymore – which is probably why I haven’t seen it on TV in years.


4) How I Met Your Mother

I think I have watched more episodes of HIMYM than any other TV show, but the intro never gets old. It is actually taken from a real song – Hey Beautiful by the Solids.


3) Freaks and Geeks

It’s a shame F+G only lasted one season.


2) Doug

The Nick version of Doug didn’t last long, but it made its episodes count. In a world of talking babies and wallabees and sponges, Doug was one of the more realistic cartoon characters out there.


1) Hey Arnold

I’ve said this before – my generation was incredibly lucky to have some awesome TV shows and cartoons to grow up with. I’m always perplexed when I hear of parents who didn’t let their kids watch cartoons, or thought that TV was evil. I learned some great lessons from cartoons – for all their silliness, the best one’s had serious, teachable moments. Hey Arnold was at the top of that list. And the intro was a classic.


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