Five years of Twitter

I have officially been on Twitter for five years. Twitter has changed how I get my news, how I consume media, and how I release thoughts into the world. All 3,770 of them.

Mostly, Twitter has been there for the big moments.

Like when I finished my freshman year of college. freshman And the night LOST ended. lost And when John Isner won the longest tennis match of all time. isner In late 2010, I applied to study abroad in Australia. study abroad Twitter was there the night we caught Bin Laden. history And when I traveled to Florida to broadcast BC/UCF. orlando I got a little excited on the epic final day of the 2011 season. final day of season Twitter allowed me to ponder life’s biggest questions. n64 It was even there when I started this blog. blog And when I left for Australia. leaving1 leaving2 It was there through pain. wasp And fortune. berroa Fall 2012 was all about Raul Ibanez.






Twitter was there when I experienced my first earthquake.



And when I ran the marathon. marathon

Twitter was there for my last radio show.


And when Google Reader shut down. Not that I cared or anything.


And for many, many other things along the way.

I’m not sure how Twitter will be used in five, ten, twenty years. I don’t know if it is something I will use for my entire life. But it’s been an important part of these past five years.


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