My 10 favorite batting stances

A few months ago I posted my 10 favorite pitching windups. And, because I know you are wondering, here are my 10 favorite batting stances.

10) Paul O’Neill. I always thought he looked so stiff when hitting.

9) Chuck Knoblauch. Loose wrists.

8) Derek Jeter. The best thing about Jeter’s stance is what he does AFTER he swings. He just launches the bat behind him.

7) Kevin Youkilis. This is a real Facebook page.

6) Julio Franco. The bat was parallel to the ground.


5) Ichiro Suzuki. He is running when he hits the ball.

4) Gary Sheffield. Waggle waggle waggle.

3) Jeff Bagwell. The strike zone was approximately 0.2 inches large.


2) Craig Counsell. I mean, who hits like this?


1) Tony Batista. There was no one like Batista.


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