A short story

Here is part of a short story I wrote when I was 12.

Let me know if you like this, and I’ll share a few others. I’ve got dozens of old stories I started and never finished. Some of them are pretty bad, but I enjoyed this one. I have no recollection of writing it.

An abnormal day was not unusual for Lee, whether he awoke in the sky or he accidentally knocked over his breakfast. Lee had lived his previous twelve years always making mistakes such as these, and some of them he could not explain. The thing was, Lee was cursed. He had always been cursed from the time his existence on Earth began. Since then, strange things have happened to him.

His parents, Donald and Hilary Hubert, cared for Lee, but they were often scared of him. They hardly talked to him, for the fear that they might be zapped to another world or worse. Donald had jet-black hair, or at least he used to, but now he was going bald, and Hilary had bright blonde hair. Donald was rather chunky (he did not eat very healthy), while Hilary was relatively skinny.

Donald worked at a used-car dealership while Hilary owned a bridal shop. The family was wealthy, but they hardly bought Lee much. He had his room, his few valuable items, but nothing flashy to show. He had white walls with nothing on them and a plain bed. Lee’s parents didn’t buy him much.

Lee was not very social – he had no siblings or friends. Somehow, the rumor that he was cursed spread around school, and so no one talked to him or stayed near him. Except for the bullies.

But Lee still did not have boring days. Because of his curse, Lee often went through the unexpected. One morning, he awoke in the Taj Mahal, where he was forced out by guards, and other days his homework had suddenly disappeared. Because of his curse, he also was prone to accidents – whether it was knocking food over or tripping or falling down at random moments.

Lee had asked his parents numerous times how his curse began, but his parents just said his great-grandmother was a witch. He did not believe in witches, but nevertheless, his parents said she had “magical powers,” and put a curse on the family. Lee had an eerie feeling that his parents were lying to him.

But there was no doubt he was cursed. From the moment he was born and turned the doctor into a frog, the family has believed Lee to be cursed. Lee felt like an outcast; he did not want this curse. He had been an innocent and reserved child his entire life. And, as his adolescent years approached, it seemed this curse was getting worse.


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