Sites I read every day

If you’re ever curious about my daily Internet routine…

Jason Kottke posts 4 or 5 interesting internet things each day. Similar to this blog, there is no real theme, so you never know what you’re going to get.

Crossing Wall Street

I had the pleasure to interview Eddy back in October. He updates a few times each day with his insights on the financial markets and his world-renowned Buy List.

Joe Posnanski

I’ve written this before, but Joe Posnanski is my favorite writer. His posts about baseball are always fun, but I think he’s at his best when he’s writing about his family or Springsteen or random observations.

River Avenue Blues


Ben Lindbergh

Baseball writer for Grantland. Lots of statistical, analytical, nerdy-type posts.

The Reformed Broker

Josh Brown is a financial advisor who also writes books, appears on CNBC, and tweets to over 100,000 followers. He updates his blog a few times each day with financial news and links while also adding his unique brand of humor.

LoHud Yankees Blog

For 10 years it’s been the one-stop shop for Yankees news.

Drew Magary

Drew is hilarious and tends to point out how ridiculous everything is.

Jeff Pearlman

I’ve been reading Jeff’s blog since 2008. It all started when I met him at a writer’s conference in my junior year of high school.

Funny story about that conference – I was in a room with about 20 people, and he gave away his book to the first person to name three players on the 1983 New York Yankees. I won because, come on, that’s just a layup.

(Ron Guidry, Dave Winfield, Bobby Murcer)

A Wealth of Common Sense

Pragmatic views on the market. Ben makes the complex more understandable and puts difficult concepts into common sense language.


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