Videos? Videos!

I have a lot of videos floating around my computer that I’ve never shared on the blog. Here are some of them:

In April 2012, I went to Vivid Sidney. It was neat, and I wrote about it at the time. Here is a video of a building:

I also went to a sheep farm. It was …. something.

This is some footage of the Twelve Apostles in southern Australia.

Here is Chewbacca playing the guitar on St. Kilda Beach.

I saw the great John Butler in concert.

Later that year I saw Roger Waters at Yankee Stadium.

And The Who in Boston.

Here is an outtake from a vlog I did last year.

Here is a video I took of Washington DC from a plane.

This is a video I took in New Orleans.

And, finally, this is the video of my bungy jump. You can see me saying my last goodbyes at the 17 second mark.


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