Last weekend, I went to Las Vegas with three of my friends from high school.

Here are 17 random observations:

– Some dealers are strict. Some are laid back. Some want you to do the elaborate hand signals. Some don’t care.

– Dealers will help you out if you ask. They want you to win, so you can tip them.

– The dealers have to alert the pit boss any time they cash in $100 or more.

– The minimum bets increase at night, but you can still find a blackjack table for $15.

– It is hot and dry.

– The Bellagio Fountains are wonderful.

– Only play the slots if you’re up and willing to lose.

– The Strip is fairly clean!

– North Las Vegas, aka Old Vegas, is not. Do not go there.

– If you gamble a lot during the day, you will probably dream about gambling at night.

– The Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar’s Palace is legendary.

– In fact, there are lots of buffets.

– Drinks are free, but the servers will give you an attitude if you don’t tip a dollar or two.

– You can smoke in the casinos. There are small fans at every table.

– The MGM Grand has an epic sports room.

– Uber is not available.

– And, I don’t want to brag, but the four of us finished the weekend with a profit. I realize this is highly improbable. But, with some skill and some luck, you can beat the house.



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