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February 2018

A list of 25 Principles of Adult Behavior

January 2018

Managing work-life balance in your twenties
Why the Dow Jones is a flawed index

January 2017

My 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

December 2016

In which jfleishman gives a year-end address to his nonexistent investment clients
Jorge Posada for the Hall

November 2016

Nobody knows anything, redux
There she goes my beautiful world

How to save for retirement

October 2016

Things that sound like other things
Game One in Cleveland

On optimism

Craig Newmark

What it feels like to run 13 miles

September 2016

Cognitive Bias #2: Recency Bias
Europe Trip Vlog #7

Europe Trip Vlog #6

Europe Trip Vlog #5

Europe Trip Vlog #4

Europe Trip Vlog #3

Europe Trip Vlog #2

Europe Trip Vlog #1

August 2016

William Randolph Hearst, Citizen Kane, the Assassination of William McKinley, and Donald Trump

July 2016

These are the facts
Cognitive Bias #1: Confirmation Bias

Brain Crack

June 2016

All About Cars and Trucks
The man who saved the world

30 great baseball names

Thought about space

May 2016

Top 10 baseball brawls
Tax policies of Clinton, Sanders, Trump, and Cruz

If MLB was like the Premier League

dare to be pointless

April 2016

Jeff Fleishman


My favorite unsolved mystery

March 2016

Cooking dinner
Same as it ever was

My 35 favorite cereals

February 2016

Jeff Pearlman
City pics

A secret formula for happiness

January 2016

Snow day

December 2015

End of year lists
We are living in the best time ever

A quick trip to London

November 2015

Videos of old, famous people

James K. Polk was a good President

October 2015

My response to Matthew Berry, five years later
The Great Saunter

Nobody knows anything

September 2015

RIP Yogi Berra
A train story, part VI

The loudest sound of all time
The move

August 2015

The poles are switching – an update
My grandfather and the swan

July 2015

Porkchop on a stick
It’s still possible

Interviews, one year later

The classics, part 1

The Rick Camp game

June 2015

Tommy Holmes

Susan Bennett

June 12th


The Yips

May 2015

Marty Schwartz
Gen Y

The gift card

Thoughts while running

April 2015

Baseball in April
Videos? Videos!

The Adrian Beltre experience

Me and Barry and Joe

It’s possible.

March 2015

I met the President!

Sites I read every day

Lucas Gray

February 2015

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face
4 random thoughts

Stock market facts

January 2015

A short story
The Great Molasses Flood


My 2015 Hall of Fame Ballot

December 2014

My favorite posts of 2014
My favorite tweets of 2014

Three years

Lois Lowry

My 42 favorite songs of 2014

Thinkin’ about numbers

November 2014

A quick Hall of Fame thought

Aaron Small

October 2014

A train story, part V
The 10 best Na Na songs

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years

Some thoughts on writing

My 10 favorite batting stances

Eddy Elfenbein

September 2014

Mt. Washington

Jeter and time

August 2014

Lineup protection
Arthur Chu


The Honus Wagner discrepancy

Five years of Twitter

July 2014

The case for Adrian Beltre
Sean Forman

The Fermi Paradox

The poles are switching

Jerry Dale

My 10 favorite pitching windups

What I’ve been listening to recently

Thoughts on personal finance (with spreadsheets!)

June 2014

The prisoner’s dilemma
RIP Tony Gwynn


The King

The problem with the Yankees

May 2014

Roadtrip 2013, one year later
The Run to Remember

On knowing things

The Harvard Stadium steps

Some thoughts on food

April 2014

A story about Dock Ellis, beanballs, and one of the oddest events in the history of baseball
The vlog returns

The award-winning shoe

One year later

Koji Uehara and dominance


March 2014

Fun with box scores
My 10 favorite songs with parenthetical song titles

My 10 favorite songs that are shorter than 90 seconds

My 10 favorite songs that are longer than 10 minutes
The perfect bracket
On baseball and money and other things
Top 10 songs of 2014
The frisson
The one time I saw Mariano Rivera save a game

February 2014

The gas sign
Down goes Syracuse

Everything is a remix

My 15 favorite songs I played in high school


January 2014

Getting the lead out
Instant replay in baseball

Remembering a great football game

A random assortment of pictures

A lost season

Frozen Fenway

Some final thoughts on the Hall of Fame

December 2013

My 2014 Hall of Fame Ballot – Part 3
My 2014 Hall of Fame Ballot – Part 2

Two years of the blog

My 2014 Hall of Fame Ballot – Part 1

A train story, part IV

My favorite albums of 2013

42 great songs from 2013

Spare change paper



November 2013

My 10 favorite TV show openings
Some thoughts on baseball awards

An interview with my grandmother

October 2013

Game 6
Mo Stats
Some thoughts on baseball and context

September 2013

Ranking ballparks
A quick trip to Seattle
Fight Club
Where Is My Mind
One Headlight
Pines of Rome
September 25, 1999

August 2013

May 24, 2011
This is Spinal Tap
Apocalypse Dreams
June 28, 2009
June 7, 2008
The future of the blog
108 games

July 2013

Wronger than wrong
A train story, part III
Searching for Angel Berroa

June 2013

Google Reader, parting thoughts
A train story, part II
A baseball story
Roadtrip – Days 7 & 8
Roadtrip – Day 6
Roadtrip – Day 5
Roadtrip – Day 4
Roadtrip – Day 3
Roadtrip – Day 2
Roadtrip – Day 1

May 2013

The steak sub
32 games
My time as a sports broadcaster

April 2013

Some thoughts following the Boston Marathon
My marathon playlist
The return of baseball

March 2013

My 2013 NCAA bracket
The death of Google Reader
Roadtrip 2013

February 2013

St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne
My 10 favorite rock albums
A review of some 2012 movies
The year in music

January 2013

Running in the frozen tundra
100 Goals
Breaking Bad and my 5 favorite television shows of all time

December 2012

My 2013 Hall of Fame ballot
How to make a year
My 5 favorite holiday songs

November 2012

The Delicatessen
The Who
The first snowfall of the year
The electoral college

October 2012

My 5 favorite childhood video games
The Red Bandanna Race – and why I run
The Triple Crown

September 2012

The end of football
Hearing music for the first time
An iPhone review

August 2012

Blog 2.0
A train story

July 2012

Quotes I like
The Wall

June 2012

My summer reading list
My 50 favorite songs
Youtube and the evolution of media consumption
Saying goodbye

May 2012

Vivid Sydney
Some of my favorite Australia/New Zealand pictures
What you should know about studying abroad in Australia
Paddington Markets
Ken Burns on stories
The Hunter Valley
The return of Andy Pettitte
Study in Australia Student Blogging Program
Walking around Coogee
The end of Mariano

April 2012

John Butler
Some meals I’ve made recently
Visual representation of my trip to New Zealand
Blue Mountains
Some thoughts on the Yankees
A recommendation – Google Reader
Lake Pukaki and Mt. Cook
Sheep Farm
Milford Sound
Mirror Lakes
Bungy jumping
Shotover Jet
Knight’s Point
Fox Glacier
The open road
New Zealand
Opening Day

March 2012

The 100 best movies I’ve ever seen
Melbourne this weekend
Indiana, Kentucky, and the best game I’ve ever seen
More on the spider
Hi there Mr. Spider
Go Roosters!
My bracket
Coogee to Bondi walk
The top 5 things I miss about home
Kony 2012
20 days in Sydney, 20 things I’ve learned
Family dinner
The weather

February 2012

Walking to campus
The first day of classes
The last few days
Today is the day
10 of my favorite movie scenes

January 2012

The Tender Bar
We’re going to the ‘ship!
I guess it’s really happening

December 2011

My 2012 Hall of Fame ballot
50 Days


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